Game Registration

Click HERE to open the online reservation sheet and reserve seats for your pair. Please don’t be a “No Show” – you may be preventing others from playing.

Players are required to preregister for the games at St. David’s if they wish to ensure that their pair will have a space reserved for them at an upcoming game.  (Registration is not required for the Friday game at Gloria Dei.) Please read the following carefully:

  • You can reserve your pair’s seating for the upcoming game day online. The link is shown below.
  • For Windows users, when the reservation sheet opens, click on “Edit in Browser” at the top right hand side to enable name entry. Then enter your full name and your partner’s in any empty table direction.
  • For MAC and iPad users, double touch anywhere outside the table area to enable name entry.
  • For smart phone users – name entry is not possible, only viewing.
  • If you have a problem reserving your seats, call Homa at 604-922-8577, or Stephen at 604-767-5974 and they will make a reservation for you.
  • Reservations are accepted till 9:30am on game day.
  • Drop-ins are welcome. However, if all tables are fully reserved, they will be unable to play.
  • If you bring your device in, we can show you how easy it is to reserve online.