Bernice Mulock

With great sadness we post the news that Bernice passed away peacefully at home on February 14

She was a well-loved member of the North Shore bridge community.  She played the game graciously and well – an apt metaphor for the way she lived her life.

She was the owner and manager of the North Shore Winter Club for 70+ years.  So she was the host for generations of bridge players who became a community sharing their passion for what is more than a game of cards.

We hope that we shall be able to manage the legacy that Bernice has given us and keep the North Shore Winter Club duplicate game alive.

Your North Shore Winter Club management team
John and Joy

Suspicious Play

Unfortunately, virtual bridge can include suspicious play and the temptation to cheat is greater than in face-to-face bridge.  Some players talk on the phone, others are in the same room as their partner when playing.  Any form of cheating is not acceptable.  Fortunately, most players are honest and every pair can have a run of luck that seems unusual. The ACBL takes cheating seriously and they do have mechanisms for reviewing and analyzing hands.  As players our role is to send ACBL the links to any hands that seem suspicious.  This can be done completely anonymously.  In your History (after the game) find the hand in question and click on the blue “hamburger”, select Export and then Send Abuse Report.  This will go to ACBL and they will review the hand and begin to watch the players.  If the ACBL deems them to be cheating, they will notify the players and the Unit board.

Help our Club

To all our bridge friends

Nearly a year has passed since our games — Monday and Wednesday — moved to virtual ACBL tournament games hosted by Bridge Base Online.

As play moves into 2021, we anticipate that play will continue online for quite some time yet — likely until September, at least

We still think that quite a few of our St. David’s friends have not yet become part of our online community. We want to encourage them to join us.

Perhaps you would like to help. Be a mentor to one of your St. David’s friends who is not yet online. Offer to help them get set up with a BBO account and invite them to play with you in a game, just to get them started.

Make it your personal contribution to keeping VBC-St. David’s an active, vibrant community until we can return to St. Davids.

Thanks from Homa and Steve.